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Sell Your Tree Care Business

We can provide you with an attractive succession plan for your tree care business that enables you to pursue a well-deserved retirement from the business, while also ensuring you are paid a fair price for the company, and that your brand, team, and clients are looked after.


Alternatively, we can partner with you to acquire part of your business, let you diversify your wealth, and make the investments needed to accelerate the growth of your company.


Investment Criteria

  • 10+ years in business

  • Operating 3 or more tree care or plant healthcare crews

  • Clean safety track record

  • Strong local brand reputation

  • Located anywhere in the United States or Canada

Why Sell to TCP

Why Sell to
Tree Care Partners

1. Exit Flexibility

Transition leadership to the next generation in as quick as 6-12 months and enjoy a well-deserved break, or stay a part of the team for years.  It’s your choice.

2. Efficient Process

We know the tree care industry and have acquired dozens of businesses; our transaction process is predictable and efficient.

3. Career Advancement for your Team

We aim to promote from within, and invest in training and development.

4. Keep Your Brand

We generally aim to preserve the local brands of the companies we invest in.

5. Attractive Valuation

We will pay a fair price for your business, mostly in cash upfront.

Investment Process

Investment Process

Tree Care Partners

1. Introductory Call

Introduce each other, understand your goals, and ensure we share the same vision for your tree care business’s succession plan

2. Non-disclosure agreement

Sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement, putting in writing our commitment to preserving the confidentiality of your business data and our discussions

3. Preliminary Review

Review your company’s financial results, discuss performance over the last few years, and meet in-person if desired

4. Letter of Intent

Based on the preliminary review, we will present a detailed offer outlining the price, key terms, and proposed transition plan.

5. Due Diligence

If we are both in agreement on the proposed transaction outlined in the Letter of Intent, we will proceed to a 45-60 day confirmatory due diligence period.  We will have our accountants review financial records, our equipment specialist review your fleet, and we’ll review various aspects of your operations in more detail.  We’ll also plan the detail of how we’ll transition management of the company as you step away.  In the later part of the due diligence period, we’ll agree to the detailed Asset Purchase Agreement that is the formal document for the purchase. 

6. Closing of Funds

Funds are transferred, and the business formally changes hands

7. Transition

We work with you to transition your management responsibilities to a successor, either supporting an internal successor you may have groomed over the years, or bringing in a suitable leader from elsewhere in our company or from outside

8. Growth

We work with your successor to invest in the team, equipment, marketing, and other areas as needed to drive growth of your business, reinforce your brand in your community, and provide career advancement opportunities for your team. 

Tree Care Partners
Tree Care Partners
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Please contact us for an absolutely no obligations discussion about succession planning for your tree care business. 

We can help share how a sale to Tree Care Partners could be an attractive succession planning option for you and your team. 

All discussions are kept absolutely confidential.

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