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Growth Through Partnership

We are experts in what we do, with over 20 years in the service industry and 10 years in financial consulting (via parent company CPS Capital). You’ll have high-touch leadership and support to handle the day-to-day heavy lifting to help you reach your goals. Our nimble, performance-driven team of industry experts know what it takes to drive dramatic growth.

Tree Care Partners

Who We Are

About Our Company

Tree Care Partners is a leading national provider of tree care and plant healthcare services.  

We provide households, businesses, municipalities, and utilities with the finest of tree care services.


We work exclusively through long-established regional tree care businesses that we partner with by purchasing them from their founding arborists at retirement, or by investing alongside growth-minded arborists seeking to accelerate the growth of their companies.

CPS Capital

When Tree Care Services Are Needed, We’re Here

With the access to capital, connections and proven systems to support our clients, we continuously deliver the best tree care services to our customers.

Safety First

Tree Care Partners is committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we work.  Because safety is integral to our business, we employ rigorous safety and training programs.

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Please contact us for an absolutely no obligations discussion about succession planning for your tree care business. 

We can help share how a sale to Tree Care Partners could be an attractive succession planning option for you and your team. 

All discussions are kept absolutely confidential.

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